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I want you. Simple as that,
I want to taste your skin on a Friday night anywhere—
somewhere under the stars and the moon and the sky.
I want you, I want to feel your touch on a couch in a basement—
with the lights off and a bad romance film acting as background noise to the sound of our heartbeats.
I want you. Constantly and consistently,
I want your fingers interlaced with mine, when walking anywhere—
somewhere in public where you proudly know people will be sure to see.
I want you, I want you, I want you.
Do you want me?
sydney (feelings-as-words.tumblr.com), “three big words” (via feelings-as-words)
It’s late and once again I find myself thinking about you. I think about what you’re doing, and if you’re awake or maybe you’ve falling asleep. I think, and think about you until my eyes start to close and then I dream about you. I dream about your eyes and how they shine, I dream about your laugh and how it fills me up with joy. I dream, and I dream about you all night- until finally I wake up… and funny enough I think about you some more.
(so maybe you’re always in my head)
You have no idea of how much I actually worry about you.
The girl with the broken smile (via cvlifornia-life)